Engagement Ring Setting Guide

If this is your first visit to the Vintage Engagement Rings website, you may wish to check out this helpful section of the diamond 4Cs first. Taken together, these three posts will cover all of the areas that you should be considering as you choose your perfect engagement ring. As I publish more articles, I will start to cover the various aspects of engagement rings in detail. Feel free to sign up so that I can notify you as these posts are published. I would love to accompany you on your journey!

Engagement Ring Styles

If you are attracted to simple engagement rings then a solitaire setting with a single diamond may be for you. Solitaire rings convey classic elegance and timelessness and come in a variety of styles. However, if you prefer a more elaborate ring, there are many other options.

You may choose three (or more) larger stones or flank your centre stone with smaller side stones such as tapered baguettes or trilliants for a tapered look with lots of sparkle. If your centre stone is a diamond, you may decide to pair it with coloured gemstones for some added flair. The choices are endless.

engagement ring styles diamonds

Six Prong Set Engagement Ring

The six pronged Tiffany mount was introduced by Tiffany & Co. in 1886. It used six ‘claws’ to hold the stone high above the band, thereby permitting greater amounts of light to pass through the stone. The six prongs are very secure but may overwhelm a smaller stone.

Four Prong Set Engagement Ring

Four pronged settings are a more modern variation of the original Tiffany mount. They are very popular and give a slightly more modern squared off look to an engagement ring. Similar to the six prong setting, the four prongs allow maximum light exposure and brilliance.

Cathedral Set Engagement Ring

The cathedral setting is a type of solitaire setting. It is slightly wider than the simple pronged settings and includes arches that frame the mounting. The arches provide some protection to the stone so this solitaire setting can work well for a slightly softer gemstone.

cathedral diamond setting

Trellis Set Engagement Ring

The trellis setting is a variation on the prong setting. It looks like a typical prong setting from above but, when viewed from the side, the interlaced prongs add a beautiful elegance to the ring. The trellis setting can be used for single or multiple stones.

Bezel Set Engagement Ring

The bezel setting can be a solitaire setting, or additional diamonds or other gemstones can be added. A bezel set diamond is completely surrounded by metal (and sometimes other diamonds or coloured gemstones). It is a very secure setting so great for an active lifestyle.