Dirty Diamonds

dirty diamonds

Do you ever feel like you know so much about diamonds that you’re dangerous? Well, you don’t know everything. Let’s see if we can fill in some of the gaps in your knowledge with the latest info about diamonds.

A dirty diamond is one of two things.

1) A rough diamond
2) A diamond that hasn’t been cleaned recently.

Rough diamonds are uncut and unpolished so they are called “dirty.” But soon that kind of dirty diamond will be cut and polished and be sitting in a gorgeous jewelry box in a display case. Someone will purchase it, and before long, it will become a “dirty diamond” (in the second meaning of the phrase) once again.

Is everything making sense? If not, surely all the facts will fall into place after just a little more reading.

Let’s face it – those beautiful, shining diamonds become dirty eventually. Soap scum will cling to your diamond ring when you wash your hands with it on. Grease gets on it when you put hand lotion on. Shower with your diamond earrings or necklace, and boom, soap scum appears. In just one short day, your brand new diamond could get pretty dirty!

It’s a good idea to buy an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner the same day as when you purchase your diamond jewelry. Use it every day without fail. The clarity of the diamond changes when the diamond is dirty and it loses its sparkle. By taking one minute out of your day to clean your diamond jewelry, you can keep your diamonds from ever getting dirty and losing its sparkle!

A day will come when you can use something you found out about here to have a beneficial impact. Then you’ll be pretty glad you took the time to find out more about diamonds.